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I was on a mission to perfect the filing for sausage rolls. My research involved buying many different vegan sausage rolls. I also looked at many different recipes and think I made 8 lots of sausage rolls before I perfected the recipe. This recipe is the result of much delicious research and I not so humbly confess that you won’t find a better vegan sausage roll filling than this.
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Breakfast Congee
What do you eat for breakfast? Do you eat the same thing every day or vary it up? My mum told me as a child that if you have breakfast you set yourself up for the day. Even science proves this. Studies show that if children don’t have breakfast their bodies struggle with absorbing the nutrients they need in the day and some studies show that children perform worse at school if they don’t have breakfast.
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Vegetable Bake with Cauliflower Cheese Sauce
Hope everyone is very well. I am buzzing with happiness after this last month of facilitating modules 2 to 5 of the Vegan Chef Training, as well as a few private days of teaching cooking and nutrition and now this last weekend the June 3 Day Foundation Cooking Course. This was a wonderful three days with five fabulous participants. We had a full house (5 is my maximum) and a lot of incredible food was made.
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Ukrainian Cabbage Rolls
What’s your relationship with cabbage? Do you love it or loathe it? I love it, I love a great coleslaw and I eat cabbage in the form of home made sauerkraut twice a day. When it comes to cooking it though I shy away from it a little bit but due to its immense health benefits I have been adding it a lot more into my diet. I have noticed that if I eat raw red cabbage I digest it really well but if I cook it I get digestive issues. If I cook white cabbage all is well. This will not be the case for everyone, it is a personal thing.
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