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VIP Program

Work with Veet online, for the full tailored cooking experience.

You will cook vegan food that suits YOUR individual tastes and dietary requirements.

Prioritise YOU by cooking top quality plant based/vegan food. 

You don’t need to create more time in your day to do this. 

You don’t need to join a group or program and just be one of many. 

You don’t even need to like cooking. 

All you need is the willingness to want to nurture yourself by cooking great quality food.


Who is this for

If you struggle to find time to cook each day but want optimum energy:

If you want to eat healthily and use minimal time in cooking a meal: 

If you find cooking too hard but want to have the peace of mind that you and your loved ones are getting maximum nutrition


Then the VIP Package is for you

We will work together online, just YOU and ME. 
We will cook vegan food that suits your individual tastes and dietary requirements. 

By the time we have finished working together, learn how to...

  • Be able to plan meals ahead of time and know how to navigate meals when life gets even busier.
  • Ensure all you and your family’s nutritional needs are being met by the food you prepare.
  • Be making delicious meals and have the confidence to choose ingredients that support a healthy life.
  • Begin to like and possibly even love cooking so it no longer feels like a chore.
  • Look forward to cooking each day.

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Feeling happier and healthier

“Veet’s 3 day course was fantastic. Founded in food science and a wealth of practical experience, she provides a complete approach to moving to a cleaner, better diet. Veet’s teaching style is very personal and warm - she really does want you to succeed. Janine and I have taken the learnings into our meals and are feeling happier and healthier as a result! ”


What you recieve in the VIP Package

1 x 1 hour Initial Nutrition Consultation

4 x 1 & ½ hour cooking and menu planning sessions

2 x ½ hour check-in sessions after the cooking sessions are complete.

All recipes for cooking and menu planning sessions

Recipes for staples that you would normally buy: e.g.- hummus, mayo (these will be specific to your likes)

Individualised menu plan that you can use over and over

Shopping lists for each session

Complete protein chart

Food substitute fact sheet

Bean and grain cooking fact sheet

List of equipment that is useful in the kitchen

Nutrient, mineral and vitamin food lists

Throughout our time together you will build up a bank of vegan recipes that you will want to use time and time again and have a whole arsenal of tips and tricks to make life in the kitchen easy and enjoyable.


Doesn’t that sound incredible?

Imagine what life will be like after you have completed the VIP.

Loving cooking, cooking no longer a chore, a bank of recipes to choose from and individualised menu planning that suits you and your family’s needs, enjoying meals knowing they are providing you with optimum health and energy.




Including gst.


Apply for the online VIP package today

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Email Veet if you have any questions about the VIP Program.


Most definitely. All recipes we cook will be tailored to your needs. All dietary requirements, allergies and likes and dislikeks are catered for.

Absolutely we will cook recipes that you want to eat and love to cook.

Ideally the package would be good to be used within 3 months. However, you can have up to 12 months to complete the cooking and nutrition sessions.

Most definitely. It is fantastic if they want to be involved in the cooking with you.

If you would like them to be recorded, we can do that for sure.

Ideally a week but life isn’t always that predictable. 48 hours before the session is great if you need to postpone. However, any later than that I will record the session for you and send you the recording.

We choose a time that works for us both. I have availability Tuesday to Saturday and some Mondays too.

So many great options for cooking at home

“I’ve been cooking with Veet at home for the past three years, every month and absolutely love it! We make the yummiest food and she is patient and super helpful in showing me new techniques and the best way to prepare great meals. Veet goes out of her way to help outside of sessions and helps me with meal planning and eating for healthfulness. She has a huge range of recipes and ideas for food and I have so many great options for cooking from home. Veet has inspired my love of cooking and I look forward to our cooking sessions.”