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This recipe came from the creative adaptive dish exercise in the Vegan Foundation Cooking Course in in August. The wonderful Shelley and Jane made this recipe based on Jane’s mother’s recipe and I have made a few adjustments to this dish and I tell you it is a must-make recipe. It makes enough for 6 people and we had it three nights in a row. I wanted to make it all over again on the 4th night so I could eat it again. Can’t wait to hear how much you love it when you make it.
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Christmas Salads
It is so difficult to believe that I am writing about Christmas again. The year has been long and fast all at the same time. What do you do for Christmas? If you have been following my blog for a long time you will see that I have been through many phases at Christmas. It was only last year that I decided to really embrace Christmas. To be honest, for me as an adult Christmas has often been quite lonely and, when I could, I chose to work on Christmas day. It feels good now, embracing it and making sure I do something special.
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Spaghetti Salad with Artichokes and Green Veg
Resistance starch has had lots of attention of late and rightly so. Resistance starch is starch from food that does not get digested in the upper gastrointestinal tract (small intestine) it skips digestion and makes its way to the large intestine where it is broken down by resistant bacteria and then fermented providing good bacteria for the gut micro biome. A good micro biome boosts our immune system and prevents us from catching diseases including cancer and also protects us from getting type 2 diabetes.
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Winter Health Boosting Salad with Sage and Oregano
After the naughty but decadent recipe I shared with you last week I thought a healthy recipe was in store for this week. It’s week one in my schedule of blog posts which means book review week and while this warm winter salad doesn’t feature in any particular book (my own creation) I feel I was inspired by Hetty Mckinnon’s book Family. It is not a vegan cook book but well worth a mention.
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