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Cooking at Home With Veet

Learn to incorporate vegan food into your life with ease.

This pre-recorded course is designed to help you incorporate freshly prepared, delicious vegan recipes into your cooking repertoire.

About the course

Recipes are accompanied by easy to follow videos, allowing you to cook alongside step-by-step explanations and adapt recipes to suit your tastes and preferences, using seasonally available fresh produce.

Duration Self paced / No time limit 
This online program offers hands-on learning through videos and by creating your own meals with guidance. 

The structure of this program enables you to post photos of the meals you've made, receive peer and trainer feedback, as well as support, throughout your time during the course.



 The Online Course is for people who:

  • Want to incorporate vegan food into their lives with ease
  • Want to learn at their own pace
  • Learn tips to make cooking vegan food super delicious and also fun and easy to make
  • Can't make it to learn from Veet in person

 What you can expect from Cooking at Home with Veet:

  • Recipes that are easily adaptable to the produce that you like to use and that is readily available in the area you live
  • A wealth of information and skills in how to prepare delicious and healthy vegan meals, fridge and pantry staples, knife skills and sweet treats
  • A launching pad to start your life of good health and great eating

 Finish this course with:

  • Recipes that you will love to make over and over again for yourself, family and friends
  • A better understanding of how to make vegan food creative, fun and delicious

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What you will learn

Module 1 Organising Your Pantry. Make Spice Mixes & Learn How To Use Them In Main Meals

Module 2 Sprouting & Rejuvelac To Make The Best Cashew Cheese Ever

Module 3 Knife Skills & Main Meals

Module 4 Fridge & Pantry Staples

Module 5 Three Decadent Sweet Treats



Including gst.

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Sharing the love

“The amount of skills and knowledge we learnt in the training, was the equivalent of years of knowledge for me, without lacking any information! I’ve loved being taught by Veet this year, she is such a knowledgeable down to earth woman, and she is always there for any questions. I would 100% recommend doing this course, it has benefitted not just my nutrition knowledge, but the skills I will need to one day open up my own catering or food related business.”


Cooking at Home with Veet is a ‘down to earth’ cooking course.

The cooking tips that you learn will help to make your life much easier in the kitchen while creating amazingly delicious vegan meals for you and your family to enjoy.

All of the recipes are gluten free and are created using wholefoods, free from refined sugars and preservatives. You will learn how to adjust flavours to suit your own taste preferences and those of your family.

Our recipes feature an array of different meal options including complex dishes designed to wow, easy to prepare meals which are fast and delicious and meals with multiple components that combine to create new taste sensations.

You will learn to create fridge and pantry staples for those times you need a quick meal fix.

The knife skills you pick up in this course will improve your kitchen confidence and efficiency.

Sprouting is another skill in this course that will completely change your life and health. However, the ‘vegan’ crème de la crème are the sweet treats is one of the sweet treats you will learn.

While all three sweet treats are super delicious some have said that the course is worth buying just for one of the desserts alone. If you are new to vegan cooking or new to cooking in general, skills learnt and developed in this course will change your approach to cooking forever.


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