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Chef Business Mentoring

Do you have the dream to have a successful food business?

Whether it be creating products, setting up a café, running cooking classes, a Youtube influencer, writing a cook book or catering on retreats.

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Get help with the logistics of setting up a food business, pinpoint areas that are holding you back and get your business up and running and thriving.


Who is this for

You have the ideas and you either have started the business and are just plodding along or you are struggling to start the business.

You know what you need to do but something is stopping you.

Or you absolutely have no idea about the logistics of setting up a food business.


the thing that is clear to you is that you desire to have a thriving business and you know there are people out there that will love what you have to offer

You just need to rediscover your enthusiasm or gain the confidence to get your business off the ground

Having the business pumping and doing this alone is daunting. 

That’s where I step in…. 

I know how daunting it is. I started my food business from scratch in 2008 and nothing was going to stop me because I knew the world needed what I had to offer but I was scared beyond belief - terror could have described it better. 

It took me years to begin working with a mentor but once I did things started to thrive and move in directions I had no idea they would. I will now always work with a mentor. 

And I wish I had right from the beginning. 

I can help you with the logistics of setting up a food business and also help you pinpoint areas that are holding you back and nurture you along the way to get your business up and running and thriving.

Business Mentoring Packages

3 month package


per month
Including gst.

6 month package


or 6 monthly payments of


Including gst.

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6 Month Program Example

Depending on your business, here is a guideline of your 6 month program.

Month 1
Establishing what your business is, at which stage it is at, and where you want it to go. Mapping out a workable business and action plan. 

Month 2
Setting up routines and schedules that work for you. Looking at time management and systems that get you maximising your time and working less.

Month 3
Working on content for your website or landing page, social media page to ensure it is getting your message out there.

Month 4
Social media support, setting up a regular newsletter or equivalent to what you need in your business. Exploring avenues of where you will get the word out about your product. If in production, working out where best to distribute your product.

Month 5
Following up on clients. Systemising a follow up system in order to gain connection with potential clients.

Month 6 
Setting up procedure manuals so you can hand work over to others. Refining and tying up loose ends, setting out clear guidelines for yourself for ongoing work without a mentor.