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Nutrition Consults

Learn how to get all the essential nutrients you need.

Knowing what to eat and how much to eat is empowering, having input on your own health is the first step to self care.

Who is this for

Are you daunted by your latest blood test results. 
They came back with low iron, B12 or zinc. 

You received your results to say you have pre diabetes or high HDL cholesterol and the doctor offered you a script but didn’t give any advice on what to eat or not eat. 

Or the doctor told you to go and eat meat to boost your iron levels but you definitely don’t want to increase your meat consumption. 

There must be another way. 

It’s a Nutrition Consultation you need. 

We are what we eat after all.


You will receive :

  • A one hour consultation with me via zoom 
  • Food lists of what to eat to stay healthy on a plant based or predominantly plant based diet 
  • Food list for your particular health concern 
  • A guide on how to include foods from the lists into your everyday meals 
  • A guide on how much to eat and how to prepare foods in order to make them more nutritious

ONLINE: Buy Now 

Book in for a nutrition consult today and feel empowered to know what you are eating is helping you on your journey to great health and healing.

Other reasons why you need a Nutrition Consult with me

You or your loved ones: 

Initial Consultation 1 hour 

Concession A$110

Including gst.


Follow Up Consultations 30 mins 

Concession A$75 

Including gst.



Felt supported and empowered

“Last year at the age of 29 I decided once and for all I wanted to go Vegan for my health and to feel more aligned with my values. Unfortunately, I had no idea what was doing or what I needed to be eating so I found myself extremely tired, depleted and questioning whether I should be eating meat again.

That was until I met Veet! I feel so deeply grateful that Veet was recommended to me by a close friend who had done her cooking courses and also had one to one consults with her. Just in one session I felt I learn't SO much from Veet. She made me feel supported, empowered and through learning the knowledge I feel that I can confidently continue the Vegan path! In addition, she gave me lots of tips to help with my chronic hayfever and adrenal fatigue.”