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Rajma Beans
Have you travelled in North India? If yes you will be very familiar with Rajma beans (Rajma dhal). Wikipedia tells me that Rajma dhal originated after kidney beans were brought over from Mexico. Mexican and Indian cuisine are two of my all time favourite cuisines so knowing of this fusion makes me happy.
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Korean Pancake
In the latest Vegan Chef Training we adapted a recipe by Hetty Mckinnon and used the organic vegetables that we had on hand which were in season. This is a delicious savoury pancake which can include both sweet and white potato. The white potato in the past has been given a bad rap but actually packs a punch in the nutrition department and is fantastic for the nervous system. Don’t be afraid to add it into your diet. For more information on the mighty potato I am glad people are starting to put white potato back on their plates.
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Christmas Salads
It is so difficult to believe that I am writing about Christmas again. The year has been long and fast all at the same time. What do you do for Christmas? If you have been following my blog for a long time you will see that I have been through many phases at Christmas. It was only last year that I decided to really embrace Christmas. To be honest, for me as an adult Christmas has often been quite lonely and, when I could, I chose to work on Christmas day. It feels good now, embracing it and making sure I do something special.
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Loaded Sweet Potato
In last week’s Newsletter I addressed lowering high blood pressure and along with a whole range of suggestions including lowering your sodium intake I mentioned increasing foods high in potassium. So this week’s recipe is a potassium rich meal idea. It’s delicious. I enjoyed making it and loved even more eating it. I did add salt as I have low blood pressure and my partner who lowered his blood pressure significantly following the guidelines I shared last week is now fine to have salt in moderation too.
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Waldorf Salad
When we were growing up my dad often requested a Waldorf salad. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago when I was invited to a shared meal gathering that I actually had made one. I drew inspiration from Yotam Ottelenghi’s cookbook Plenty More. It will definitely be on my table for celebration dinners and am thinking for those who celebrate Thanksgiving this could be a winner. This isn’t a traditional Waldorf salad it has a few additions.
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This fabulous recipe comes out of the last three day Vegan Foundation Cooking Course. Grace and Nells made and adapted this recipe from Celia Brooks Brown’s Vegetarian World Recipes cookbook. If you are an Okonomiyaki fan you are going to love this vegan version and if you have never had Okonomiyaki then this recipe is a must try. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
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