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Waldorf Salad
When we were growing up my dad often requested a Waldorf salad. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago when I was invited to a shared meal gathering that I actually had made one. I drew inspiration from Yotam Ottelenghi’s cookbook Plenty More. It will definitely be on my table for celebration dinners and am thinking for those who celebrate Thanksgiving this could be a winner. This isn’t a traditional Waldorf salad it has a few additions.
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Biriyan Mullumbi
Hope you are all enjoying the change in season. It feels like we skipped spring where I live and moved straight into summer. I am sure the spring weather is going to arrive though. It’s just hot right now. And I have a hot theme. Are any of you on Facebook™ and do you follow the Healthy Vegan Food with Veet page? We are having theme weeks over there and last week’s theme was a request for #moodfood. It was a good one. We covered vulnerable, content, grumpy, discombobulated, sensual and grateful. What do you like to cook when you are feeling any of those moods?
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