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Tailored Cooking Class

Tailor your own cooking class

Choose what you want to cook and take your cooking skills to the next level.

Who is this for

Do you wish you had had some formal cooking lessons when growing up or someone to show you what to do in the kitchen?

The Fact is that everyone can cook, it’s just that most of us were never shown how.

Once you know how to organise yourself in the kitchen and learn some techniques you will find yourself cooking delicious food, time and time again and start feeling like that person who you thought was born with the cooking gene.

In the tailored cooking classes, you will get 1:1 tuition and you can choose exactly what you are interested in cooking.

The tailored cooking classes allow you to be in a supportive environment where you feel safe to explore the world of cooking.

The tailored cooking classes are also for seasoned cooks who would like to add to their repertoire.

You will receive :

  • The tuition
  • Recipes
  • If attending in person, organic food to take home (and eat here if doing a full day).

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Adapt to different food intolerances and palates

“Veet’s tailored cooking classes were fantastic. I started as a novice and left being able to cook delicious vegan food. Veet’s passion and exceptional knowledge on vegan cooking techniques, nutritionist background, and skill on how to adapt to different food intolerances and palates was incredible. It was a very practical and hands on program, and it was great fun cooking along side Veet!!”


Some example classes are: 

Other suggestions for classes

1 hour/1 ½ hour classes

Fridge staples, e.g. Cheese, butter, mayonnaise, burgers or crackers
Iron rich meals
Calcium rich meals
Cooking beans from scratch (the right way)
Removing phytic acid & oxalates from food
Sweet treats
20 minute meals
Complete protein meals
Iron rich meals
Calcium rich meals
Immune Boosting recipes

3 hour/1 day (or more) classes

Healthy eating for weight loss or weight gain
Low FODMAP meals
Easy lunch ideas
Balanced meals
Cooking from scratch
Raw desserts
Vegan treats and cakes
Bulk food cooking
Meals high in protein
Winter warming recipes
Fresh and Vibrant summer recipes
Ayurvedic cooking
Macrobiotic cooking
Miso and sauerkraut and other ferments
Food for entertaining
Aranchini and Ravioli

Never knew vegan food could taste so delicious

“Even though I felt a little insecure at the start of the course and I’ve never considered myself a good cook, Veet soon put me at ease. Veet is a gifted teacher and has SO much knowledge which she is able to pass on in a way that makes it easy to understand and implement. Not only was the course truly amazing, I never knew vegan food could taste so delicious, let alone that I could make such delicious vegan food. Not only that, my meat and 3 veg hubby happily scoffed down samples of the days delicacies each evening.”





1 hour A$175

1.5 hours $260

3 hours $510


In Person

1.5 hours $330

3 hours $520

Full day $1090


10% discount applies for NDIS clients. All Prices are $AUD and include 10% GST. 

Or book in a chat with Veet to see if it is the right fit.

Want to bring extra people with you? 
You can bring a friend or family member to either online or in person classes for FREE. 
Note: More than one person is $50 each per hour per person for 1- 4 hour classes and $150 more per person for the full day class.

No need to go without

Rosa“Truly up there as one of the best and most memorable days of my Vegan life. 
My day with you Veet exceeded all my expectations. Your knowledge that you so happily shared and how you approached the whole day from start to finish was incredible. I have learnt so much and many handy hints on food replacements for a Gluten Free/Vegan Lifestyle. Not to mention cooking techniques and new recipes to try. I would highly recommend a one-on-one day with you to anyone keen on living a Vegan lifestyle to its full and many taste sensations. I learnt that there is no need to go without your favourite foods when following a vegan lifestyle there is a plant-based substitute for everything.”