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This fabulous recipe comes out of the last three day Vegan Foundation Cooking Course. Grace and Nells made and adapted this recipe from Celia Brooks Brown’s Vegetarian World Recipes cookbook. If you are an Okonomiyaki fan you are going to love this vegan version and if you have never had Okonomiyaki then this recipe is a must try. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
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Breakfast Congee
What do you eat for breakfast? Do you eat the same thing every day or vary it up? My mum told me as a child that if you have breakfast you set yourself up for the day. Even science proves this. Studies show that if children don’t have breakfast their bodies struggle with absorbing the nutrients they need in the day and some studies show that children perform worse at school if they don’t have breakfast.
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Breakfast Soup
Some years ago I wrote a blog on an interview I did with a friend and dance facilitator of mine. It was a beautiful interview with many words of wisdom. On Sunday my friend left her body as she had spent the year unwell. I know she would have been listening to her body the whole time. I got a message from her beloved that she very much enjoyed cooking food from my recipes this last year and that makes me so happy to know that. I want to share again with you the interview I put into the blog many years ago and also the soup recipe I developed. I had this breakfast soup this morning in honour of beautiful Navanita and I reflected and reminisced on all she gave me and so many of us all over the world. Forever in our hearts.
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Guava Jam
It’s seasonal produce week so here I am with something that is in season, right in my garden, right now. We have three prolific guava trees growing in our garden. The majority of the fruit is feeding the bats, which I am so happy about as the bats had a tough time through the drought and fires. We love that we can share the fruit with them. Yesterday we picked 10 lovely ripe guavas that the bats hadn’t touched and we made the best jam I think I have ever tasted.
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