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about veet

Hi I’m Veet, 

I started my plant based journey at age 16. What I knew then was that things in my body didn’t feel right when I was eating meat. Through the decades of education, I learned that eating a plant based diet was incredibly nourishing and the reason why my life as an adult has been super healthy.

Ageing healthily has always been my life’s goal. 

I have seen many loved ones become ill far too early in life. 

With nutrition and cooking education a lot of these illnesses could have been avoided. 

You too can age healthily and it can start at any time in your life.

I’m a trained teacher and nutritionist, a passionate organic vegan food lover and I’m here to help you cook great food to live a healthy life.

I can help you: 

  • Incorporate plant based food into your diet in order to live as healthily as possible. 
  • Gain the confidence to choose food that will nourish your body and support your life. 
  • Learn how to cook fabulous food even if time is a limiting factor. 
  • Create meals that your whole family will want to devour. 
  • Eat healthily and add more plant based food taking into consideration your dietary requirements, dislikes and allergies. 
  • Learn the skills to really create great food and love cooking. 

Are you ready to commit to your health? 

If Yes…

Then let's get started


My birth name is Karen, my spiritual name is Veet.
I prefer to use Veet as my name.

I live in Murwillumbah (place of the possum)a regional town in Northern NSW. We can see Wollumbin (cloud catcher) from our house. Prior to living here I lived in the Byron Shire for 16 years.

My favourite places to visit are: 

Darwin – my home town. 
India – my home from past lives. 
Anywhere that has a river I can swim in.

Barre and swimming are my favourite exercises (not at the same time though)

I have eaten an organic diet since I was 28 and sustainability is a passion of mine.

My favourite activity in the whole world is – cooking.

My second favourite activity is growing organic food.

I don’t have any children but love my nieces and nephews to bits. Here is my darling niece Dulce with her dog Rosie.

Mak and I have been together since 26th October 2001.


Made me feel welcome

“ Thank you for a wonderful experience. You always make me feel welcome every time I come here to learn. You always take the time to teach in the way that I learn. You have given me the best opportunity to discover food and cooking styles that I would have never tried.”


Charities I support