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Every Season Soup
I think this soup is an all year weather soup and you can definitely change the veggies to those that are in season. If you love a blended soup then this soup is for you and actually if you prefer a country chunky style soup then just cut up the veggies and only blend half of the soup.
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Zinc Rich Ramen Soup
Do you know if you are you getting enough zinc in your diet? Our bodies are dependent on the mineral zinc for body growth and development and zinc is especially important for the nervous and reproductive systems and of course the immune system. The body does not store a pool of zinc so it is essential that we have a daily intake of zinc. As many are worried about borders opening up in Australia and the possibility of catching any viruses going around it is important to stay diligent with ensuring you are absorbing enough zinc each day.
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Pea and Zucchini Soup
It’s a very breezy cool day where I live today so this week’s recipe is very fitting. I also think this soup would go well as a spring or early autumn soup. It’s book review week this week. I have this lovely book at home, once again not vegan but definitely vegetarian and the recipes are so easily adaptable when you know how (that’s one of the many things I teach in the 3 day course - how to adapt regular recipes and make them vegan). The book on review this month is At Home in the Wholefood Kitchen by Amy Chaplin. It has lots of lovely tips and some great information. Well worth borrowing it from your local library.
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