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Rajma Beans
Have you travelled in North India? If yes you will be very familiar with Rajma beans (Rajma dhal). Wikipedia tells me that Rajma dhal originated after kidney beans were brought over from Mexico. Mexican and Indian cuisine are two of my all time favourite cuisines so knowing of this fusion makes me happy.
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Eggplant Zorba
Ok what is the story with eggplants. Many are declaring they can’t eat eggplants these days as they are nightshades. People with autoimmune disease or arthritis are being advised that the alkaloids in nightshades (tomatoes, eggplant, tamarillos, capsicums, potatoes) may be harmful. However at this stage there is no research to indicate this. Some people cut them out and have a noticeable difference and others don’t. For those people who don’t have autoimmune diseases, eggplants and other nightshades boast a whole range of essential nutrients and wonderful health benefits.
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Hearty Tomato Stew with Grilled Zucchini
It’s cold and rainy right now as I write this newsletter so have decided to share a delicious stew recipe with you all. If it is warm where you are this is still a very good recipe to make. In winter serve it with black rice and in summer either basmati rice or quinoa. I developed this recipe for someone who came along for an individual session who wanted low FODMAP recipes so within this recipe are a few options for the low FODMAP diet.
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Quinoa, Mushroom, Corn and Red Capsicum Filled Zucchini
Another Christmas recipe everyone. I know so many people who just love Christmas and have a great time hanging out with loved ones and then I know equally as many people who actually have not such a great time at Christmas. This recipe is for all of you, to take to gatherings or to have at home on your own, really treating yourself to super delicious food whether you celebrate Christmas or not.
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Vegan Makhanwala and Okra Curry
As I start to wind down the last week of work before I go on my yearly visit to India I feel a curry recipe is called for, so I am sharing with you two recipes. I adapted the first recipe earlier this year and had planned on sharing with you all then but somehow spaced it out. So here is Mak’s (my beloved’s) favourite curry recipe. He used to eat this at a restaurant called Prem’s in Pune India, in those days he was vegetarian and not yet vegan. The original recipe has paneer and lots of cream however he was equally happy with this vegan version of it.
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