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Enjoying Menopause Workshop

Embrace menopause and enjoy this very awesome right of passage as a woman.

With the right nutrition and daily exercise and mindset, YOU CAN.

 You can calm down the indications of menopause and be one of those women breezing through this fabulous stage of life.

I am here to help.

Who is this for

Like menopause, this course is a life changer and will assist you in enjoying this magical time of your life.

Whether you are in peri-menopause, menopause, post menopause or menopause curious you will benefit from attending this course.

You have dreaded menopause for years, you’ve seen your friends and others suffering with it for years or maybe you are in menopause right now…..

And it sucks big time.

You feel like your life is never going to be the same, 
you are sick of the hot flushes, 
you can’t sleep at night, 
have lost your libido, 
your belly is the biggest you’ve ever seen it 
and the pain in your joints - you didn’t even know that was going to be a thing.

What the……

BUT then you meet someone who is breezing through menopause, you didn’t even know that was possible,

- no one ever talks about that!

You want to change your perspective and mindset. You want to enjoy menopause and see it as a right of passage rather than a burden that you have to endure.

You want an easy menopause, you want to know what foods to include in your diet to alleviate the indications of menopause.

After attending this course you will have the confidence to choose foods that will support your menopause journey and will be implementing practices that have you feeling empowered as a woman going through menopause.


You will receive :

  • Food lists
  • Recipes
  • Manual
  • If attending in person, you can enjoy organic food which is cooked on the day.

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Continues to be a guiding light

“I'm a huge admirer of Veet's cookbooks, so attending her Menopause workshop was a thrilling opportunity to delve into her incredible dishes and techniques firsthand. The workshop was an eye-opening experience, showcasing a diverse array of foods we prepared throughout the day. Veet's insightful tips and valuable information continue to be a guiding light for me as I navigate through this transformative life stage. I wholeheartedly endorse this workshop to anyone seeking to nourish and care for themselves during the menopausal transition”


The added benefits

You will get food lists and recipe ideas to help you embrace menopause, and gain the confidence to choose food that will nourish your body during this fabulous life changing rite of passage.
We cook together and make food that is not only delicious but also nourishes you in order to give your body the right nutrients it needs at this time.

Indications of Menopause

In the Enjoying Menopause Workshop we will explore food and recipes for all the indications of menopause; 

Hot flushes 

Night sweats 

Sleepless nights 

Weight gain 

Vaginal atrophy 

Joint pain 

Low libido 

Plantar fasciitis 


Class Duration 
The workshop is 7.5 hours. 
In-person course is run in one day 
Online course is held over 4 x 2 hour online sessions.




In Person


All Prices are $AUD and include 10% GST


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You can bring a friend or family member to either online or in person classes for FREE.

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Veets Menopause Story

I dreaded menopause, 
I had heard so many horror stories then a friend of a friend told me she was having an easy time of menopause 
and I knew there had to be another way, that I too was going to enjoy menopause.


I personally struggled with plantar fasciitis for 3 full months in my second year of menopause, it was excruciating
then it dawned on me that it was due to low estrogen levels in my body.


I diligently ate phytoestrogen rich foods daily and after 3 weeks the plantar fasciitis was gone completely.


The saying you are what you eat is really a thing at all stages of your life including in peri-menopause, menopause and post menopause.