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This recipe came from the creative adaptive dish exercise in the Vegan Foundation Cooking Course in in August. The wonderful Shelley and Jane made this recipe based on Jane’s mother’s recipe and I have made a few adjustments to this dish and I tell you it is a must-make recipe. It makes enough for 6 people and we had it three nights in a row. I wanted to make it all over again on the 4th night so I could eat it again. Can’t wait to hear how much you love it when you make it.
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Hearty Tomato Stew with Grilled Zucchini
It’s cold and rainy right now as I write this newsletter so have decided to share a delicious stew recipe with you all. If it is warm where you are this is still a very good recipe to make. In winter serve it with black rice and in summer either basmati rice or quinoa. I developed this recipe for someone who came along for an individual session who wanted low FODMAP recipes so within this recipe are a few options for the low FODMAP diet.
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Carrot Zucchini Pasta with Adzuki Bean Balls and Leek and Lemon Sauce
Forgive me everyone for skipping the last two weeks. I was all consumed in facilitating the Vegan Chef Training and getting in my final assignment for my post grad nutrition degree. Last Saturday was the last day of the vegan chef training for 2021 and it culminated with Jesika and Andrea’s graduation where they served up a 4 course meal including three different desserts. I was so proud of what they achieved. Usually we have eight people graduate but this year just two so they had to do double the work with getting the graduation planned. They planned the whole menu and it was sensational. I am so proud to say that there are now two more wonderful vegan chefs going out into the world. The official photos won’t be ready until the end of June but here are a few sneak preview ones.
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Quinoa, Mushroom, Corn and Red Capsicum Filled Zucchini
Another Christmas recipe everyone. I know so many people who just love Christmas and have a great time hanging out with loved ones and then I know equally as many people who actually have not such a great time at Christmas. This recipe is for all of you, to take to gatherings or to have at home on your own, really treating yourself to super delicious food whether you celebrate Christmas or not.
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Marinated Zucchini, Spring onions and Corn bread Galette with Cashew Mascarpone and Sprinkle
How are you? I have had a great week since I last wrote. We managed to get away on a quick camping trip, which was incredibly relaxing despite getting caught in a hail storm, the walk we had planned on being closed, tree cutters at the camp ground for hours on the first afternoon and people doing paving for 6 hours with noisy machinery on the second day. Absolutely hysterical and we still managed to love so much of our two days away, the hours when it was quiet, the lovely wildlife and the moon shining through the trees. I sleep so much better when camping.
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Pea and Zucchini Soup
It’s a very breezy cool day where I live today so this week’s recipe is very fitting. I also think this soup would go well as a spring or early autumn soup. It’s book review week this week. I have this lovely book at home, once again not vegan but definitely vegetarian and the recipes are so easily adaptable when you know how (that’s one of the many things I teach in the 3 day course - how to adapt regular recipes and make them vegan). The book on review this month is At Home in the Wholefood Kitchen by Amy Chaplin. It has lots of lovely tips and some great information. Well worth borrowing it from your local library.
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