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This recipe came from the creative adaptive dish exercise in the Vegan Foundation Cooking Course in in August. The wonderful Shelley and Jane made this recipe based on Jane’s mother’s recipe and I have made a few adjustments to this dish and I tell you it is a must-make recipe. It makes enough for 6 people and we had it three nights in a row. I wanted to make it all over again on the 4th night so I could eat it again. Can’t wait to hear how much you love it when you make it.
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salad nicoise
A fabulous two weeks just passed and I totally got too busy to do a recipe last week, apologies. I was busy facilitating a fabulous Vegan Foundation Course, a Tailored 1 day class with a lovely mother and daughter and started two more VIP Nutrition Packages with some very important people indeed. I have made up for my tardiness though of missing a week by including some very valuable information on potatoes and their nutrients and how to cook them. Investing eight hours to do this blog this week rather than the usual four.
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tahini bake main
It hadn’t dawned on me what was really missing for me personally during the COVID 19 lockdown and restrictions until last week when a friend sent a really cute video. The thing missing for me during the COVID lockdown was ……….. tahini. Yep you read right, tahini. Somewhere in the whole upheaval I forgot to use this in my meals.
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