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Biriyan Mullumbi
Hope you are all enjoying the change in season. It feels like we skipped spring where I live and moved straight into summer. I am sure the spring weather is going to arrive though. It’s just hot right now. And I have a hot theme. Are any of you on Facebook™ and do you follow the Healthy Vegan Food with Veet page? We are having theme weeks over there and last week’s theme was a request for #moodfood. It was a good one. We covered vulnerable, content, grumpy, discombobulated, sensual and grateful. What do you like to cook when you are feeling any of those moods?
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Citrus Cream Pudding
Hope you are all having a good week despite all the uncertainty in the world right now. Also hope you are having more time to cook. Let me know what’s cooking at your house. Isn’t it time for a sweet recipe? It’s been a while since I last posted a sweet recipe so here I am with a delectable treat. It is also book review week again. Wow the months go fast yet when I think about what has happened in this last month it feels like a year ago.
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