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Hi I'm Veet,

I’m a nutritionist, the creator of Veet’s Vegan Cooking School and I have lived healthily on a plant based diet since I was 16.

Veet Karen's Story

I help people learn to cook delicious plant based food so they can live a healthy life, without compromising on the taste and enjoyment of their food.

You have landed in the right place!

I’m excited to unveil my fresh new brand for consults and courses offerings.

I’m upgrading to a new logo that better aligns with my core offerings and values, while keeping the vegan cooking courses and training as exceptional as ever.

How to sustain a 
vegan diet for the 
rest of your life

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My three favourite recipes

lasagne recepie Lasagne
sweet potato recepie Loaded Sweet Potato
fudgy treats recepie Fudgy Calcium Rich Treat